Awesome Military Female Hairstyles

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Beautiful and well-groomed hair is the pride of any woman. Servicewomen are not an exception. Even if there are certain hairstyle requirements, women in the military can look charming.

An appearance of women who serve their country in a military capacity should be clean and cohesive. An integral look should emit discipline and a sense of pride.
Military uniform, a neat hairstyle, and low-key makeup are called to make women look well-groomed and feel respectful and self-assured.
As a rule, the hair of female soldiers should be neat and tidy, it should not have excessive volume or length. In addition, all trends that relate to an unusual combination of colors and textures on the head are also not suitable for servicewomen.
There are so many rules, what hairstyle to choose?
In fact, there are many beautiful hairstyles that look neat and attractive. Check out this collection of the best military hairstyles on Teiltes

Authorized Female Hairstyles in Army
Women in the army can wear short, middle-length, or long hair. Short hair shouldn’t be shorter than 1/4 inch from the scalp, middle hair doesn’t extend below the bottom edge of the uniform collar, and long hair extends below the bottom edge of the collar. Women can wear bangs, but they shouldn’t fall below the eyebrows.
Unlike their male counterparts, female Army soldiers are allowed to wear braids, cornrows, dreadlocks, and twists yet the types of hairstyles are closely regulated by the military branch.
Women can wear wigs and hair extensions, but the main requirement is that they should look like natural hair. No eccentric hairstyles are allowed.
Besides, loose and sloppy buns, Mohawks and other hairstyles that feature faded or shaved areas and spiky texture are also prohibited.

Female Air Force Hairstyles
The Air Force has similar rules as the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps have. Recently some changes have been adopted.
The changes eliminate minimum hair length for females but set a maximum bulk of 3 ½ inches from the scalp. Besides, dreadlocks are also allowed.

Sailor Haircuts
Female sailors can wear traditional hairstyles as other servicewomen wear, but the locks and ponytails are also allowed.

Dreads and Locks in the Military
All female soldiers can decide to wear dreads or locks. The only requirement is that the hairstyle should look neat and tidy.


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