10 Most Amazing Hair Tips That Will Leave You Breathless!


Hair can be a cumbersome lot to manage.  With your natural flair for style and a little know-how, easily transform your hair from ordinary to extraordinary.  Below are 10 tips to make your hair amazingly well done in just under 15 minutes!

Tip No. 1:
Deep condition your hair at least twice weekly: Beautiful hair requires that it is evenly textured, undamaged, and never frizzy.

Tip No. 2:
Choose a shampoo and conditioner that well suits your hair issues: There’s straightening, anti-hair fall and volumizing varieties, among many.  While it’s easy to leave out this detail, they’re important to make sure your hair is getting the right kind of nutrients it needs to stay healthy.

Tip No. 3:
Never style hair that’s still wet and damp:  Make sure to blow dry your hair completely before picking up that straightening or curling iron.

Tip No. 4:
Wash your hair!:  Quite obvious but sometimes due to the morning rush or the chilly weather, some people deliberately leave this out quite too often. This leaves your scalp dry and flaky.

Tip No. 5:
Go for a dried and tossed up look:  For those moments when you find yourself out of time in the morning, simply blow dry your hair.  Flip it upside down.  Give your roots a light, quick massage then, toss back up.  This gives your hair the volume it needs to hide away your chubby face without necessarily having to blow dry strand by strand.This will also help you look slim.

Tip No. 6:
You’re never too old for a pony:  This look goes particularly sexy when you expect to have an active day out, exercising or walking, for instance.  Simply tie up your hair in a high pony and let it swing.

Tip No. 7:
Go for a low pony: When you’re in your suit and headed for a meeting, simply tie your hair in a low, nape level pony and let your hassles hang from one side of your shoulders.

Tip No. 8:
Get those tips curled:  The fastest way to do this is to tie your hair up in a high pony.  Section by section, draw out huge bunches of hair and curl. When you’re done, remove your pony and let your hair down.

Tip No. 9:
Side braids, full braids and fish tail:  Take your pick from these stylish ways to get your hair out of the way.  These always end up giving you a maiden look.

Tip No. 10:
Tie your hair up into a bun:  This queenly look is never out of style.For added flair, twist or braid both sides before bringing up to a low bun just above your nape.


Amazing hair can rub on to you and give you a stunning look.  So, even if you’re beating the time, there’s always an easy way to style up your hair.  But, remember, for you to get that 15-minute and under hairstyle right, your locks must always be kept in great, healthy condition so that it can let you do all the things you want to do with it!

Author: Emma Smith

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