10 Low Maintenance Women's Haircuts for Every Texture!


Mornings can be crazy. Between getting breakfast ready, doing your makeup, styling your hair, and any other tasks, you may have very little time to spare. Luckily, there are many different low maintenance haircuts that look great on different hair types, so you can look your best with minimal effort. Ten of these low maintenance hairstyles for women are detailed below.

1. Long and Flowing

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If you have thick hair, try keeping it long to prevent hair that puffs up under humid conditions. You can still add interest to your look by adding some long layers. This haircut is simple, and you can wash it and go without a lot of fuss. The weight of your hair will help to keep it under control, rather than styling or excessive hair product.

2. Long Layers

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If your hair retains water and takes a long time to dry, try adding layers to your hairstyle. Adding layers takes added weight off hair and allows you to speed up drying time. It can also add volume and a textured look. Adding long layers that frame your face can also accentuate your facial features.

3. Long Bob


If you have fine hair without volume, try a long cut that is one length, or add just a few layers. A cut that is one length is easy to style and won't make your hair look even thinner by adding a lot of layers. You can add some style without a lot of time by spritzing on sea salt spray and scrunching your hair while it's still damp.

4. Blunt Cut

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Another trick to make fine hair look thicker without excessive styling or hair product is a blunt cut. Blunt ends create the look of thickness. If you do opt for a fine cut, make sure to avoid bangs, since they generally add in styling time.

5. Angled Bob

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If you have naturally curly hair, try an angled bob to create shape without a lot of styling time. A bob that's longer in the front and shorter in the back adds shape and a built-in style that doesn't require tools or product.

6. Long Curls


If you have long curls or waves that are thick, try to keep your hair longer than your collarbone with a lot of layers. Plenty of different layers will help to thin your chair, while added length will help to weigh the hair down in humid conditions.

7. Long Layers in Front

If your hair has very tight curls, keep your layers long in the front. Doing so means you will not have to constantly fight unruly curls that hang in your face. You can stay low maintenance throughout your day without any styling, hair elastics, or hair product.

8. Shoulder Length Bob

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A mid-length bob is great for fine or medium textured hair because it has movement without being too short. It is also easy to style. You can part it at a dramatic side part and vary the texture by using gel to slick down the top. This will also add shine to your hair without needing to use a lot of product.

9. Medium Length with Sideswept Bangs

A medium length cut with bangs swept to the side is a style that you can wash and forget about. The medium length is great for multiple hair textures, and the side swept bangs add style without requiring curling. If you have curly hair, you can simply run a flat iron over your bangs to finish this look.

10. Short and Feathered

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If you have fine hair, youcan pull off a shorter hair cut by asking your stylist for a feathered effect. This will add some texture and requires just a little bit of gel each morning.

Looking great doesn't have to be difficult. The next time you visit your hair stylist, try out one of these hairstyles depending on your hair type. These styles allow you to look great without a lot of time or hassle. Your stylist can make additional recommendations so you can customize the style to suit your own individual features.

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