Everything You Need to Know About Short Haircut Trends!


Summer is here and most of you must have already booked your slot with your hairdresser to cut those long locks short and make it easy to carry. But have you thought what’s trending in the short haircuts? No! Don’t worry, we are here to give you a fair idea of the top 5 short haircut trends. Stay tuned!

Pixie Styles
Boyish yet feminine, the pixie style is becoming popular with every passing day. It is cute, sexy, funky and cool. There are numerous variations to this style and it is important to pick the one that suits your face frame and personality.

Here are a few pixie styles that you can pick from-

1. Let us begin with the actress and fashion icon Audrey Hepburn, who was also called Queen of a pixie. She showed that shorter bangs for shorter hair look extremely cute and adorable. Give your hair boyish pixie style, subtle bangs and turn on the feminine edge.

2. If you are not comfortable with bangs, give your pixie look a sexy vibe by adding waves to it. It looks totally romantic and hard to look away from. 

3. If you wish to add a matured, classy vibe to your personality, go the slick style with your pixie cut. With a smooth finish, this haircut can make your party style elite and fashionable.

4. Pixie and spikes can make your look totally funky and trendy. It adds an edgy feel to the look and makes it more interesting. Party on your mind? Toss in some gel and add mountain spikes for a rockstar nudge.

Short and Curly
Believe it or not, curls undoubtedly give a mischievous flicker to the bearer. This summer, cut those locks to feel lighter and free and add coolness to the hot summer.

1. Curls are usually the wake-up and go styles. They barely need you to run a comb through them. They are always perfect the way they are. Playful and romantic, the short curly hairdo is the perfect choice to rock the summers.

2. While some have natural curls, some wish to go the curly way. And for all those who would like to switch to curls this season, try a short, tight curls look. They add volume and make you look sensuous.

3. If you don’t like the curls tickling down your neck, club a pixie style with curls in the front. This is one unique haircut trend that’s gaining attention.

4. Elegant and chic is the following haircut trend. The short hair with the straight finish on the crown and with curls rolling down builds up the beauty of the style.

Bob Haircut
Short haircuts are the trending hair patterns this year and with every passing day, newer styles are being accommodated in this pool. Though most of us believe that long hair gives a girly feel, these bob haircuts can look feminine too. From messy to graduated, blunt to asymmetric, bob haircuts can make every head turn towards you.

1. Like to add volume to your hair? Then go for the stacked bob haircut. It will keep the nape of your neck fuss-free and hair-free but add volume to the crown. Gentle and soft, this haircut is all a girl can ask for this summer.

2. Bangs any day can make you look young and attractive. Be it long hair or really short bob haircut, toss few bangs that bring the attention to those deep eyes and look fabulous this summer.

3. A graduated bob is both elite and fun. It’s a cool way of balancing both the themes.

4. Asymmetric bob is one funky, uber cool style that is mostly seen among youngsters. A bit techy, a bit savvy, this haircut trend is taking rounds in the college world.

Faux Hawk (Pompadour)
One of the hottest haircut trends in town is the pompadour. This style usually has shaved sides and puffy top and it makes for a perfect rockstar style. You can either shave the sides or give a faux impression by keeping the strip of hair small in length and slickly brushed to the side of the head.

1. A bushy, messy top will give the right punk vibe. Sexy and stunning, rock your parties this summer with this trending faux style.

2. Add either wave or make it sleek to switch from a punky theme to a fascinating girly style.

Shag Haircuts
Shag haircuts give the perfect rock and roll vibe. They are generally casual and effortless. They include tons of layers around the crown, lots of texture and surely have choppy ends.

1. An outward swirl, bizarre chopped ends, and the high crown texture can totally make your party look.

2. Shag haircut can also be messy, fuzzy and the perfect go-style.

Now that we have unfolded the top 5 short haircut trends, reach out to your hairdresser and pick the one that suits your frame and personality.

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