9 Easy Things You Can Do with A Flat Iron!


Well, you can call me old-fashioned, but I will never replace my trusted straightening iron!

I am very much aware of the new styling tools that have been coming out in the market. There’s the brush that heats up to straighten the locks, or the automatic curlers that either suck or twist sections of hair to create the perfect curls.

Well, you can call me old-fashioned, but I will never replace my trusted straightening iron with any of that. I appreciate cool technological advancements, yes, yet it doesn’t seem logical to put my beloved mane at stake in the name of innovation. Besides, there are 9 easy things you can do with a flat iron.

1. Crimp Your Locks
Crimping is a technique makes tiny waves on the hair. Starting from the roots, you clamp the heated device and bend your wrist upward and downward until reaching the tips. The crimp you create by doing so is the modernized – read: better – version of the style that became popular in the 80s.

2. Sort the Messy Ends
When you have no time to blow-dry or lock your hair in rollers, you can simply iron it out. This trick effectively stops the ends from flying away, which is one of the main reasons why girls spend hours in front of the mirror every day.

3. Keep Volume for Thin Hair
If it is voluminous locks that’s been lacking in your life, your thin strands can hold that style for hours once you follow through with ironing after a blowdrying session. You may find the idea contradictory because the heating tool is typically used to flatten the mane, I know, but it can help you also to maintain that volume longer than expected on a low heat.

4. Smoothen the Bob
Cutting your hair short does not mean that you need to make do with curly locks till it grows back. If you happen to have a mini flat iron at home, this is the most opportune time for you to bust it out since it can get closer to your roots than the regular-sized instruments. In case you are a first-timer with bobs and do not have it, though, you can still find one easily online. Check out this article to know how.

5. Un-frizz the Hairdo
Anxious that the frizz will prevent you from achieving a sleek side part or super straight hair?You may get a straightener with tourmaline so that it can halt the dry strands from sticking out of the bunch. The negative ions that this mineral produces have the ability to counter the positive ions of your locks, resulting to an even do.

6. Create RelaxedCurls
I once watched a YouTuber go in a fancy salon and have almost a dozen of hairbrushes rolled up her mane to generate soft curls that seem natural. While that’s great for that woman, us with normal jobs can get a similar look with a flat iron that has a semi-rounded case. Practical, isn’t it?

7. Emphasize the Highlights
In case you wish to show off your highlights or lowlights at work or in front of friends and family members, it is effortless to do with straight hair. To keep your locks from getting toasted further, I suggest that you take a ceramic-coated heating device as it will allow you to achieve the style faster than the others.

8. Mattify the Fringes
Capacious bangs may have earned you praises when you were young, but that can make people think you have zero fashion sense if you push for it during adulthood. You can still rock the fringes, let me be clear on that, yet it should be done in an edgy way now. Try ironing it for definition, and then spraying dry shampoo on the bangs to reduce its gloss.

9. Let Hair Look Alive
Putting the straightener to its maximum temperature is understandable if you are working with naturally coarse or thick locks. If the hair seems quite manageable than that, you may lower the heat to let your mane appear healthy rather than stiff.

Give these ideas your best shot today, and your views on flat irons will improve forever. Cheers!

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