The Jet Setter’s Ultimate Guide in Choosing the Best Hair Dryer to Travel in Your Gorgeous Hairstyle!


Spending on cheap travel hair dryers may sound appealing to your pocket at first but might make you end up spending more money in the long run. In addition to that, there are also many types and brands of travel hair dryers in the market with so many features for different needs. Here's why I wrote this article to find the best travel hair dryer suited for you.

Why do you need a travel hair dryer?
Of Course, you want to keep your hair frizz--free no matter where you go! Having a great hair-do can make you either look fashionably chic and poised for business trips, irresistibly gorgeous for your vacation trips or just dashing in your Instagram-worthy selfies. 

When it comes to hair dryers choosing is made difficult due to various sizes, functionality, and features. There are tons of great travel hair dryers in the market and choosing is not as easy as it seems! Aren't you glad you are reading this article now?

Does Size Matter?
If it’s not for a travel hair dryer, I would just say yes to this question anytime. In this case, it doesn’t really matter. Common sense dictates that a travel dryer should be small and portable. People don’t expect you to bring a full-size hair dryer for your trips. 

If I were to be asked? I’d say otherwise. It really depends on which size (or weight) you are comfortable dealing with. Besides, if your luggage can accommodate the extra space for you, why not? Having a smaller one is ideal, but if the motor is not powerful enough to serve its purpose and doesn’t work well with your hair, then it’s just a waste. 

Wattage and Voltage?
This one can be tricky for beginners when it comes to travel hair dryers. The terms are both technical sounding and you might mistake one for the other.

Wattage: It refers to how powerful the motor is. Regular home (safe) hair dryers range from 800-1875 watts. Professional and salon-style hair dryers can range from anything above 1875 watts). 

Voltage: It is referring to the amount of power from the electricity that the product uses. A good travel hair dryer should have a dual voltage for your trips here and abroad. Make sure to have an adapter ready as well for different power sockets.

What material is perfect for your hair?
The reason why manufacturers use different types of technology and materials is to address the different needs of women all over the world. Here’s what you should be checking:

Ionic/ Tourmaline/ Titanium
Best for women with frizzy and thick hair (takes hours to dry) and those who want to add shine to their hair.

As mentioned earlier, ionic technology makes your hair shinier so it doesn’t appear dull and dried out. Tourmaline travel hair dryers concentrate those negative ions to each strand of your hair so it works twice as better! It has this “booster effect”. Titanium is a material used for even distribution of heat.

Recommendation: If you want a small-sized and portable hair dryer that is powerful enough and uses ionized technology to make your hair shine, you can try Conair Ion Shine Travel Ionic Styler if you are working on a budget but doesn’t want to sacrifice quality. If you don’t mind spending more bucks, you will not regret going with the BabyBliss Pro Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryer.

Ceramic/ Porcelain/ Infrared
Best for women with fine dry hair.

These words mean that the product is made to effectively distribute the heat as evenly as possible. Any hair types can benefit from it since, it is trying to prevent concentration of heat to a specific area-thus, preventing hair damage each time you blow-dry your hair. 

The term ceramic/porcelain means that the heating plates are made of materials that won’t damage your hair like a regular hair dryer can.

Infrared means that a longer heat wavelength is applied so the hair dryer can evenly penetrate each hair strand.

Recommendation: One good ceramic travel hair dryer is Conair MiniPRO Tourmaline Ceramic Styler which incorporates tourmaline and ceramic functionality in one. Infrared hair dryers are commonly used at home and in the salon. If you want a lightweight one for your travel, you can try Jose Eber Quickshine Infrared Hair Dryer. 

Working with the Heat Settings
If you could possibly get your hands into a travel hair dryer with a cool setting, that would be ideal. If not, working with the three heat settings is fine. Remember, investing in hair dryers is always on the wattage or motor power and not with the heat setting. You can always use it at a low level when you have some time to spare. This will prevent damage.

Low heat: Perfect for preventing damage, Ideal for girls with fine, brittle and sparse hair. 
Medium Heat: Ideal for all types of normal hair. 
High Heat Setting: this can be used for women with super thick and coarse hair that is difficult to dry using the medium heat setting.

Important note to remember: To keep your hair safe and damage-free, make sure to use hair protectant serum or spray before using hair dryers.

Different travel hair dryers address various needs of women. Knowing your hair type and your needs will help you choose the right product for you. 

The budget should be the last consideration since a damaged hair will cost more money to fix. Trust me, I’ve been there. How about you? Do you have hair stories to share or questions? Feel free to comment below. I’d love to hear from you. 

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