How to Get a Great Haircut Using Only Donald Scott NYC Razors


Straight razors have traditionally been used by barbers to give men a close shave. However, the razor has become popular as a salon tool for creating textured cuts.

Have you ever noticed someone come out of the salon with a new haircut? The blunt, straight ends are often a dead giveaway. The hair might be healthy, and the split ends may be gone, but freshly cut hair can look a little unnatural. It can also be hard to work with. 

Your hair grows at different lengths. As a style grows out, the ends become pointed and textured. Using a razor instead of scissors to cut hair can result in a more authentic, blended look that maintains your natural style.

Razor Techniques for Hair

Razors can be used to cut long or short hair. They can be used to create layers or a single-length cut.

To remove layers from the outer section of the hair, pull a section of hair straight. Hold the razor horizontally. Use a light, downward stroke to slowly cut off feathery pieces. 

To create texture at the ends of the hair, hold the ends taught between two fingers. Hold the razor vertically and insert it into the section a few inches from the ends. Pull downward at a slight angle to create a more jagged, pointed edge. This will leave a lot of length while removing unhealthy split ends.

For long, wavy hair, twist a section of hair. Gently run a straight razor down the section, allowing the hair to gently untwist as you go. This results in a lot of layers and texture with no harsh lines.

Using scissors to cut shorter hair can create solid lines that make the style look chunky. A razor can be used to cut the ends of the hair, softening that edge as you cut. The result will be a clean line that’s not too blunt. 

Salon Products That Work Better Than Traditional Straight Razors

A naked straight razor that’s designed for a shave isn’t always the best tool to use to style hair. The Donald Scott DS/X4 razor can be great for removing length or trimming sections close to the ears and hairline. It may also be used to trim and groom facial hair. 

Other Donald Scott NYC razors have added features that make them ideal for creating many types of hair styles. The Swivel Twist works well for short haircuts. The 100-percent side easily removes length from hair that’s held vertically at a 90-degree angle from the head. The channel side of the razor is broken into chunky sections. When used horizontally, this creates random cuts throughout the ends of the hair. 

The Donald Scott NYC Carving Comb comes in fine and wide varieties for different hair thicknesses. It has two razors on one end and a comb on the other. You can use it to cut any type of hair. The 100-percent side can create straight lines in the end or remove layers. The channel side can create lived-in texture. 

If you want to stand out as a stylist or barber, put down the scissors and grab a Donald Scott NYC razor. You’ll have the versatility that you need for a variety of cuts, and you’ll be able to replicate the results every time your clients visit you.

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