Mermaid Halloween Tutorial!


Love Halloween? Planning your costume already? Us too! 

Now that the nights are drawing in and the leaves are starting to fall, our thoughts are turning away from fun in the sun and towards all of the best things about autumn – pumpkin spice lattes, chunky knits and cosying up on the sofa – and of course, everyone’s favourite spookfest, Halloween!
If you’re bored of the usual witch and devil costumes, try something a bit different this year and go as a spooky mermaid. But this is no cutesy Disney Ariel look. Think sexy sirens on the rocks luring unsuspecting sailors to their watery end instead! Now just grab your clip-in hair extensions and follow Miss Alex’s guide to creating this show-stopping Halloween look.
First, get everything you need ready…

You’ll need
  • Your clip-in hair extensions
  • An old towel
  • Hair chalk in a blue/green shade of your choice
  • Fluffy make-up brush
  • 2 Blue/green eyeshadows
  • Wig cap or fishnet tights
  • Blue/green lipstick
  • Sectioning comb
  • Curling wand or iron
Get chalking
Before you apply your clip-in hair extensions, you need to use your hair chalk to create those cool Mermaid streaks. Alex has chosen a teal shade of hair chalk but any blue/green colour would work well. Lay your extensions on an old towel, take your chalk and start slowly building up the colour.

Press your chalk onto the hair in downwards strokes, starting at the ends and working upwards. You want to make each streak a slightly different length to make it look more relaxed. Chalk all of the wefts that you will be using for this look, then set them aside while you do your mermaid make-up.
Mermaid make-up
To get Alex’s clever fish scale make-up look, you need to take your wig cap or fishnet tights and put them on your head. No, really. First pull the fishnet pattern down so it covers your forehead.
Take your fluffy brush, load it up with a darker blue-green eye shadow and dab it over the top of your forehead around your hairline. Try not to let the fishnet move as this is basically your stencil.
Next, use the lighter shimmery shade and apply this underneath the darker shade to create a gorgeous ombre effect. Gently take the fishnet off to reveal beautiful shimmery scales.
Now, pull the fishnets right over your face. You should have fishnets covering your cheeks and jaw. Use both of your shades to create the ombre effect again to contour your cheeks and jawline.
Carefully remove the fishnets and apply some blue lipstick to complete your mermaid make-up. Fish-tastic!
Stunning siren hair
Now it’s time to apply your chalked clip-in hair extensions. Brush your hair through so there are no knots, then section your hair and clip in your extensions as normal. If this is your first time, you can find out how to apply clip in hair extensions in an earlier post. We’ve got you covered ladies.
Once you have applied your extensions, take your hair chalk and simply chalk some strands of your natural hair so that it blends beautifully together with your extensions.
Then take your curling wand and add a few loose waves to give your style some volume and texture. Again, we’ve got your back with our awesome how to get loose curls post.
And it’s as easy as that - all you need is a seashell bra and a deadly singing voice and you’re ready to reel them in!. Happy Halloween!
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