Great Tips and Tricks for Girls with Thin Hair!


Our love and attachment to hair is the most charismatic feature of our beauty! Let's try to protect it from thinning!

Girls are the most adorable creations of the world, their presence keeps everyone engaged, which brings color to the lives of people around them. Women amaze the world in their different roles. The value of a mother, a sister, a daughter, a grandmother and a wife is treasured. So girls, when we're treasured, why underestimate one of the greatest treasures we have—our hair. Our love and attachment to hair is the most charismatic feature of our beauty. 

Problems arise when a girl tries something new, a trending fashion of streaked hair, bleaching, dyes etc. This leads to hair damage. Understanding the conditions, we are sharing a few tips for all you beautiful ladies who want to care for your thin hair in the best way possible. 

Medical reasons
According to research analysis by dermatologists, a girl shreds around 100 to 150 hairs per day. If a woman faces more than this quantity so she is probably facing some kind of hair disorder. It could be due to certain health conditions such as iron deficiency (anemia) or any other female concerns. There is therefore the need to have these conditions diagnosed and treated.

Dietary plans 
To cure this, a girl needs to take such diet plans which contain an adequate amount of iron and fluoride in it. Include the leafy and green vegetables in your diet, also the beans, red meat and other essentials are preferred. These diets will not only surpass your iron needs but also overcome the deficiency of biotin and zinc which also plays a part in hair growth and thickening. 

Chemical treatments 
A lot of chemical treatments are available in the market to treat the thin hairs issue. What we recommend best and trustable is the dietary supplement for anti-hair loss, with daily anti-hair thinning. 

The Kérastase Nutrients Densitive Daily Anti-Hair Thinning. 
The ShuUemura Fiber Lift Protective Volumizer.
Philip Kingsley Scalp Tonic, Men's Rogaine Foam (can be used by women too). 
L'Oréal Professionnel Age Densiforce Shampoo. 

Although it may seem like an old technique, it still has a great importance when treating the thick volume on your scalp. The gentle feel of finger tips and the aromatic scrub of coconut oil is supposed to act as a thickening treatment. Additionally, it also proves itself as a way of perfect relaxation. After a massage, wash your hair with a good hair-fall treatment shampoo. 

Combing Change your direction to comb, as the same direction of combing makes your hairs to get flat and stuck at the same place. It also appears as less volumetric. The change direction even helps to capture air and oxygen to your hairs. 

Few things to avoid 
  • Avoid applying hair conditioner from the tips of your hairs. 
  • Avoid using hair dryers, straighteners, curlers and other accessories that heat your hair. 
  • Avoid using plastic combs on dry hairs. 
  • Don't let your hair open while going out 
  • Avoid the bangs cut. 

Few things to do: 
  • Keep your hairs little moisturized 
  • Keep in concern the importance of a good haircut and the appropriate color. 
  • Brush your hairs gently. 
  • Use hair extensions to increase hair thickness

About the author
Selina Haller, is a hair extensions writer. She has deep knowledge of hair extensions style and their beauty. She extensively writes about hair style, fashion hair and hair extensions protect tips. “love beauty than love others” is her believe words.

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