How to do rainbow tips with hair chalk on hair extensions!


Want a bit of colour in your life? And to stand out in the crowd? Then these funky rainbow tips are your new best friend. They’re a super easy (and cheap) way to add some fun colour to your hair extensions without having to use dye. Because who wants to commit to that!

Rihanna, Cara Delevingne and the gorgeous Pixie Lott have all been seen rocking rainbow hair and now you can too – with the help of some hair chalk and the lovely Miss Alex, who’s here with another fantastic video to show you the way.
To get things started, you need to get your stuff together.

You’ll need

  • Your clip-in hair extensions
  • Hair chalk in your choice of colour (you can buy these online or at Boots and Superdrug for under a fiver. Total bargain.)
  • Hairdryer
  • Your usual clips, grips and styling tools to style your hair once you’ve chalked it

Now you’re ready to get colourful!

6 Pink tips collage.jpg

Prepping your hair extensions

Using hair chalk on your extensions is much easier if you do it before you’ve clipped them into your hair so hold off on that for now.

Brush through your extensions so they’re nice and smooth and then add some water to the ends of the first weft you’re going to chalk. This will make the colour from your hair chalk pop more vibrantly (although it does also make it harder to wash out – but we can worry about that later right?)

Chalking your wefts
Now grab your chalk, in whichever colour of the rainbow you fancy, and lay your extensions flat on the floor.  Run your chalk in a downward motion along the tips of the strands where you want the colour to be.

Do the same with all of the extensions you want to chalk. It’s helpful to lay them next to each other so you can check you’re chalking all your wefts to the same level.

Once you’ve finished chalking, dry your hair extensions with your hairdryer on a low heat setting.

How easy was that?

Styling your fab new rainbow tips

Once you’ve chalked and dried all of your extensions, simply clip them in and style however you like - straight, wavy, up or down. Miss Alex is a fan of curling as it blends the chalk in really nicely with your natural hair but it’s totally up to you. We’ve seen some gorgeous poker straight rainbow tips as well.

Whatever you choose, this is a standout look so be bold and wear your rainbow tips with pride! Check out some of our YouTube channel if you’re stuck for style ideas.

Removing your hair chalk

Once you’ve had your rainbow fun, it’s really easy to remove the hair chalk. All you need to do is gently wash them with warm water and shampoo. When shampooing your extensions, make sure to lather the shampoo on your hands first and then gently wipe down the length of the hair. It’s important not to rub the hair together as this can tangle and damage it.

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