I Want To Try A Short Haircut But Don't Know If It Will Look Good On Me!


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Short hair can look good on anyone as long as they get the right style for them. It is important to determine your face shape before you start looking at styles because even the best hairstyles can be a disaster on the wrong face shape!

When you've had long hair for a while, you start to get bored and crave for an edgier look. Especially today, rocking a short haircut is not considered bold as it pretty much is a trending fashion statement. But before chopping off your locks, the question that often arises is – 
“Will a short haircut look good on me?”
The answer is, YES!

Short Haircuts For Your Face Shape

The question must not be whether a short hairstyle will look good on you, but rather which short hairstyle will look good on you. Depending on the shape of your face, you can answer this question yourself. A good hairstyle balances your face shape by framing your face the right way. Here is a list of face shapes and the hairstyles that suit them best.

1. Round
The length and the width of the face are nearly the same for round faces. The cheekbones are the widest part of the face, and the features are soft. If you have a round face, like Ginnifer Goodwin, you should consider pixie styles that are voluminous at the crown. You should avoid volume on the side as it will add bulk to your face, so short bobs are not a good option. Bobs with layers that add an illusion of length can be considered, unless you have curly hair in which case it is best to steer clear of this hairstyle.

2. Square
Square faces are a lot like round ones because the length and width of the face are the same in both. The difference between the two is that square faces have sharp angular features while round faces have soft ones. Softer hairstyles go well with square faces as they give the face a less harsh and more feminine look. Sleek crops with a fringe and soft asymmetrical bobs are suitable for this face shape.

3. Oval
If the length of your face is greater than the width, with a forehead that is wider than your cheekbones, it is likely that you have an oval face. In addition to this, you would most probably have a tapering jaw. Most hairstyles suit this face type, and that is why it is known as the ideal face shape. Pixies with side-swept bangs, curls, and asymmetrical bobs, and other short, choppy hairstyles look great on oval faces.

4. Oblong
Oblong faces are similar to oval ones in the sense that they're both longer than they are wide, but the difference in between the two measurements is greater in an oblong face. The widths of the brow, cheekbones, and jaw are all about the same. As opposed to a round face, pixie styles that have a lot of volume on the crown do not suit an oblong face. Curly hair and bobs that add volume to the sides balance out this face shape.

5. Heart
Ruby Rose and Reese Witherspoon are some popular celebrities with this face shape. They have broad foreheads that are perfect for heavy bangs and narrow jaws, with a prominent chin and a pronounced jawline.  This adorable face shape goes well with dynamic hairstyles that shift the attention from the jawline. The lob, and pixie cuts and bobs that incorporate fringes look good on heart-shaped faces.

6. Diamond
A diamond-shaped face is widest at the cheekbones with a narrow jaw and brow. People with this face shape have sharp, angular features. Some styles that suit oval faces suit the diamond shaped face as well. Rihanna and Nicole Kidman are celebrities who have diamond faces. Hairstyles that suit diamond faces are ones that add bulk to the chin area. Side bangs and wispy hairstyles are ideal. Cuts that add bulk to the top of the head must be avoided.

It is understandable that the thought of chopping all your hair off is met with hesitation, but if you were looking for an excuse to take the plunge, this is it. There are many different styles to choose from even if it is just from the ones that suit your face shape. Short hair does not only look great but it is also super manageable, and probably just the change that you were looking for.

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