22 TOP hairstyles that you will love!


Gorgeous hair artists of the world create astonishing hairstyles for your inspiration! Which one do you love the most?


王昱傑, Taiwan

Whitney Vidal, FL, USA

Skrekou hair color expert, Thessaloniki, Greece

Ponte Linda, Puerto Rico

Paulina Valerieva Vladimirova, Bulgaria

Parturi-Kampaamo Hius Day, Tuusula, Finland

Orlando Santiago, New Bedford, MΑ, USA

Olga salon, Patra, Greece

Lala's Updos, USA

La Llallera Brigid-Heith, UK 

Je eigen kapper, Meteren, Netherland

Inga Chort, Lithuania

Flo Schwarz, Germany

Dulce Lopes Ramos - Hair Stylistin, Portugal

Darlene Martinez, Colorado, USA

Cool Cuts - Styling Lounge, Athens, Greece

Catina Nadine Boyle, Pure Lavi Salon, Pennsylvania, USA

Artisti Hair, Germany 

Alexandra Afouxenidou-Hair Stylist, Greece

+Confessions of a Hairstylist - @jaywesleyolson

Artist unknown

@hairbyliinu, Finland

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