Tricks And Tips To Grow Long Healthy Hair!


Hair is one of our most beautiful assets. Its condition, inevitably, plays an enormous role in the way we look. There is, therefore, nothing more beautiful than long, healthy hair!

However, our hectic lifestyle and consequent bad eating habits together contribute towards increased hair damage. There is no reason to panic, because these harmful effects can be reversed with just a little bit of care:

1. Include A Balanced Diet: It is believed that you are what you eat. It is therefore of paramount importance that you watch what you put into your mouth. Every strand of hair comprises a protein called keratin. The color of your hair is because of the presence of this protein. Lack of proteins in your diet is likely to result in premature graying of hair. It may also make your hair weak and brittle. A balanced diet includes not only adequate proteins but also healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals that help maintain the health of your hair internally by strengthening the follicles.

2. Comb Your Hair With Care: Most often, breakage of hair results from the manner in which you brush your hair. Frequently brushing your hair also contributes to damage. Treat your hair like gold – delicate and priceless. When detangling wet hair, start from the tips and slowly make your way towards your scalp. If you find running a comb through your hair difficult, use your fingers to detangle your hair.

3. Don't Shampoo Every Time You Shower: Most hair experts advise you against washing your hair every day since it results in the loss of essential oils that otherwise moisten your scalp and hair. When you shower, it isn't necessary that you shampoo every time since this also causes loss of sebum. Washing your hair twice to thrice every week is advisable to keep your hair and scalp free from dirt, grime, and sweat. Also, whenever you shampoo, always use a conditioner. It helps retain moisture and prevents your hair from becoming frizzy and breaking.

4. Use Hot Oil Massages: Another way to moisturize your scalp is by indulging in hot oil massages. And, it is so simple that you don't even have to go to a spa! Just take ten drops of ylang ylang oil or any other essential oil like tea tree oil and mix it with three tablespoons of coconut oil. Then, heat this mixture a little and then apply it to your hair while gently massaging your scalp. In case you don't have any essential oil at home, you can use just coconut oil. Massaging your scalp will increase blood circulation, thereby increasing nutrient exchange that also contributes towards hair growth.

5. Avoid Blow Drying When You Can: Also, whenever you can, refrain from blow drying your hair. It dries up your hair by sucking out all the moisture. The application of heat further damages your hair by ruffling the cuticle surface, thereby making your hair prone to splitting and breaking. Instead, if you have time to spare, pat your hair dry. Towel-drying will leave considerable moisture for your hair to retain.

6. Change Your Pillowcase: We mostly use cotton pillowcases, which aren't the best idea for healthy hair. Cotton pillowcases cause increased friction and increase the chances of hair breakage. Instead, use satin pillow covers that lead to reduced resistance as well as fewer tangles owing to its smoother surface.

7. Avoid Wrapping Wet Hair In Towel: Most women also wrap their hair up in a towel tightly and leave it to dry. You might think, what harm could come from the soft fibers of the cloth? Well, your hair sometimes gets entangled among the fibers and breaks away without even your knowledge. Also, tightly wrapping your hair and tying it up increases the instances of breakage. Instead, opt for super thin, soft microfiber towels that don't cause as much harm when you tie it up like a turban.

Long hair is not a dream realized overnight. You must also remember that a single strand of hair can grow a quarter of an inch or even half an inch long over a month, provided your hair is extremely healthy. So, make healthy hair your aim. Take good care of your body and you will be rewarded with beautifully long and strong hair!

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