A Collection of Stunning Red Hairstyles! With Video Tutorials!


Undoubtedly red is the sexiest colour for your hair. And the best way to get it is with semi-permanent hair dyes.

Either using them for a stunning result over bleached hair or to touch-up your permanent red between dyes. No matter the case, the following tutorials will show you several semi-permanent reds, how to apply them and of course what to expect as a result.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Red: a powerful orange-red. In the following video this pin-up beauty show as the how-to’s.

The following video gives the best example of colour mixing. Semi-permanent hair dyes can be mixed (like watercolours) for even more amazing tones. As you can well imagine this gives you endless possibilities to create your own special colour. In this case Rock ‘n’ Roll Red mixed with Hot Hot Pink gives an amazing orangy-pink!

Here we get a taste of Rubine (a relatively mild red) in the mix with Pillarbox Red (an intense red). The result is a unique dark and dirty pink!

Dark Tulip is the type of read that walks the thin line between extreme red and burgundy. It is also one of the semi-permanent reds that works on brown hair too. Check out this tutorial:

We kept for last the Infra Red. It looks like a modest red and yet it so much more than that. It lasts longer than any other semi-permanent red and the best part: it stays red as it fades.

Article by Elena (www.berenice.gr)
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