How to choose the right hair color for your clients!


Have you ever wondered how many hours our clients have wasted discussing or searching on the Internet, trying to find the suitable color for them?

How much we would like to always highlight all the strong features of every woman? However, there are some characteristics which we should take under consideration before we let them surrender to our inspiration.

The starting point of everything is the conversation and the good communication. Our consultation. In order to be able to appropriately suggest something, we need to know essential information about her, such as where she works, how she dresses and how she enjoys life. If she is a conservative woman with a strict job, we cannot suggest extreme colors or intense multicoloring. On the contrary, if we refer to a young and modern lady who likes to go to clubs and dresses eccentrically, it would be wrong to choose a conservative and common color, as we would not depict her personality.

The next step is to grasp how she “sees” herself. This can be accomplished with open questions (i.e. questions which cannot be answered with a “yes” or “no” response), such as “How do you feel about your hair”, “What characteristics would you not like your hair to have”, or “Are you satisfied with the frequency you wash your hair or visit the hairdresser”. We should gather enough information in order to form a final opinion. Critically important is also to take into account the current fashion trends, especially when we refer to a woman who follows them with devotion. Finally, it is particularly encouraged not to use the color index when we suggest a potential color, but depictions of colors in fashion or hairdressing magazines. Color is perceived differently in each individual. As a result, the “red of fire” suggested by our client could significantly differ from our perception. However, by using magazines as exemplars, we achieve a better understanding of how a certain client might perceive or distinguish a certain color, thus ensuring that the final result of the hair color is similar to what our client had in mind.

Additionally, there are some technical requirements/conditions regarding the choice of color, which rely on 3 primary pylons. The first criterion is the skin color. The general rule is that we do not choose light colors in combination with a dark skin, but rather black, cold brown and red in order to flatter the skin color. In a combination of a dark skin with dark eyes, the safest option is to direct our client towards brown and warm tones in order to balance the characteristics of the face. Regarding a combination of pale skin with light-colored eyes, the bronze color creates an exceptional contrast while highlighting the look of the eyes. For a combination of pale skin with dark-colored eyes we should prefer to lighten the color into a honey / blonde in order to brighten/illuminate the face of our client as much as possible. Last but not least, the third criterion is the shape of the face. The desired shape is the oval shape. However, not all of our clients have this desired shape, so how do we create it? The charm of the color is that it has the ability to form or eliminate curves. In particular, regarding rounded faces we should significantly reduce the color tone, as black has the potential to make any silhouette look slimmer. In long faces we can use the red, because of its ability to form curves. In cases where our client has a face with the ideal shape, we have a wide variety of options, but we should avoid all the others mentioned above. In any case, for the optimal result regarding the shape of the face, we combine the color with the appropriate haircut, in order to formulate or reduce any curves.

Finally, following the previously mentioned advice, we move closer towards suggesting to our client the option which truly highlights her characteristics. Most essentially, what we most want is for our client to become as beautiful as possible. Besides, great hairdressers create great moods.

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