''Stella Di Sole'', a new gorgeous Ombre technique by Sabatino Attanasio, Pembroke Pines, FL, USA!!!


A great artist with a great new technique for Ombre hair! Enjoy his brief interview, his gallery and the videos at the end!

"The peculiarity of the effect given by the Stella Di Sole consists of discoloration is: not defined, but soft and 'unstructured'..." - says Sabatino Attanasio, owner of Sabatino Hair Salon, hair stylist in Pembroke Pines and in Naples Italy- "...just like the ash blonde after a holiday at the sea!" 

How do you get the "Stella Di Sole":

"Thanks to the technique of backcombing, you do not get 'rigid lines' clearer, as is the case for sunburn and streaks. On the contrary, you get an almost random effect of lightening." 

Imagine being on vacation and tie your hair in the sun: after the chaos is to decide which part of the hair will be lightened. "That's right - continues the hair stylist - the head is divided into sections and then tease the locks, on which will be applied, from the roots to the decolorizing points: the tangle of hair and brushing creates this softness typical of Stella Di Sole".

More info here: www.sabatinohairsalon.com



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