Gorgeous hairstyles and colors by Hairess Nikki Mears, Guam, USA!


Nikki works as an independent hair artist on Guam in an small military community. Most of her clients are military spouses, enlisted members and locals which allows her plenty of natural and fantasy hair art services! Her clientele numbers are on the small side but she offers a wide range of services to her clients. She supplies all products herself, along with distributing Pravana to the local salons here to be a future outlet for the product line. 

She grew up in a hair artist family and dreamt of following in her sisters footsteps to become an independent stylist. After graduating from Aveda, Nikki proceeded to work at home salon and gain clientele through social media! Her military family moves constantly, so her clientele changes every couple of years, which keeps her on the edge and never gets bored!

Many of her clients have new stylists every couple of months/years, so she takes that in consideration and try to inform them and educate them with the needs to maintain current hair styles. Education is vital to Nikki. There are no outlets in the area for further education, so she takes time to travel to the mainland to attend classes, seminars, and shows whenever possible. She likes to think she can offer the clients and other stylist on the island additional and alternate information regarding their career. 

After joining the Unicorn Tribe, her creative side has blossomed! She loves where she lives as it offers some never seen before inspiration! 

Nikki's contact info: 
Facebook fan page
Email houseofmears.hair@gmail.com


Box color correction
Before and After 
Before and After
Spotlight project for the Unicorn Tribe

Spotlight project for the Unicorn Tribe

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