Mermaid Ombre How-to!


If you do an online search, one of the most popular & impressive color combinations is the so called mermaid ombre! Pastel blue, turquoise and a dash of purple are the colors that can create this combo. And it’s a fairly easy process to do at home!

The colors:
Top: Mix white conditioner with a little bit of Apple Green
Middle: Atomic Turquoise
Down: Mix half part white conditioner and half part Midnight Blue
Ends: Plum

How to:
From roots till ear length apply the light green mixture.
From ear length till shoulder length apply the turquoise.
From shoulder length till a couple of centimeters from the ends apply the blue mixture.
Place the plum on the tips of your hair.

Make sure you change gloves between colors to prevent them from mixing up while you dye your hair. Where one colour meets the other, rub them together to get a smooth transition.

You can also check the following video for details on how to do it at home:

You can get this beautiful combination of colors with 38 euros plus shipping (14€ for EU countries and 17,80€ for the rest of the world)

For orders please send an email at:

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