Gymnastic exercises specifically for hairdressers!


Standing up all day long is one of the problems to be faced by a hairdresser. Unfortunately this profession requires long hours standing up and thus the body gets stressed and very tired.

The results? Foot pains, knee problems, varicose veins, phlebitis, damaged blood vessels, back and neck pains, tendinitis and poor circulation of blood in the lower body.

The standing also reduces blood flow to the muscles, resulting in swelled legs - ankles and muscle aches. Muscles are constantly trying to keep the body upright so ligaments and tendons become stressed.

To prevent chronic problems it is necessary to systematically exercise, at least for specific muscle groups that get tired by standing.

If there is no time to visit a gym and attend a comprehensive fitness program, you can alternatively get a short targeted workout at home.

Muscle groups that are necessary to strengthen are: abdomen and back, quadriceps and biceps of the legs and the neck.

You can start with strengthening the abdominals.

5 sets of 20 repetitions is a satisfactory start.

Then you can do 5 sets of 20 repetitions for the dorsi muscle.

Then, slow and careful turns of the neck, alternating to right and left (with open eyes in order not to get dizzy). 3 sets of 15 repetitions are enough. Repeat the same process with the same sets and reps, working the neck front and back.

Once your body has warmed up with the above exercise, you can do seats (3 sets of 15 repetitions) to strengthen leg muscles. It is very important that the exercise should be performed with absolute precision, to avoid any injury.

For proper execution of the seats, put your feet parallel and open as wide as your shoulders. We work out the abdomen and back muscles, to protect our waist, and with slow and careful movements, we bend our knees making sure our knees do not go further than the tips of our feet.

If you have time for aerobics, eg running, walking, cycling, etc. that would be an ideal addition. 3-4 times a week would be just perfect. 

If you think about it, 15 minutes each time are enough! It is 15 minutes for your good health and you must find the time to do a little exercise!

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