Amazing new collections from Trendy Hair Fashion, Poland!


Trendy Hair Fashion salon from Poland released 3 wonderful hair collections! See below!

Pure Crystal Collection
The latest hairstyle collection created by Trendy Hair Fashion glorifies healthy, beautiful hair. The collection presents haircuts and styles that feature this season’s most fashionable, vibrant color. 

Whether long hair or short, THF stylists strive to inspire every woman.

For the courageous woman, a minimalistic short Bob when combined with mystic blond creates a seductive mood.  For the romantic at heart, a delicately styled plait of beautiful copper, smooth and sleek or loosely styled for a more natural look.

The Trendy Hair Fashion collection title ‘Pure Crystal’ refers to the glistening shine of healthy hair as seen on catwalks this season. 

With beautiful hair every women can express her own unique sense of character and look fabulous.

GLOBAL CONCEPT: Anna Kulec-Karampotis
HAIR:  Mateusz Grzywa, Tomasz Olejnik, Małgorzata Morańska, Mariusz Botor, Wojciech Loranc, Artur Kołoczek, Joanna Szlagór
PHOTO: Łukasz Radzięta/ F4 STUDIO
MAKE UP: Marcin Szczepaniak 
MAKE UP ASSIST: Karolina Szydłowska
STYLE: Agata Zolich
PRODUCTS: Schwarzkopf Professional

Pastel Light Collection
Fun with colors, pastel coloring, soft feminine styling, the apparent disarray that is carefully planned and thought out.

PasteLight is sensual and determined, dedicated to women of all ages.

The haircuts are precise, long strands of hair on the contours of the hairstyle flirt and add sex appeal and what is more they allow modern styling.

Strawberry, peach, lemon and berry blonds and reds in all guises is an absolute hit of the season and a positive message to the world.
Flirtatious haircut and innovative coloration complements smoky eye color, intense green, orange or pink. Makeup invites you to look her in the eyes.

The dress sexy minimalism with tempting cut-outs is the best background for color trends.

You have to try!

GLOBAL CONCEPT: Anna Kulec-Karampotis
COLOR: Tomasz Olejnik, Wojciech Loranc, Mateusz Grzywa
CUT, STYLING: Mariusz Botor, Joanna Szlagów, Mateusz Grzywa, Wojciech Loranc, Małgorzata Morańska
ASISSTANT: Dorota Bajek
PHOTO: Łukasz Radzięta/ F4 STUDIO
MAKE UP: Ewelina Łakomik

PRODUCTS: Schwarzkopf Professional

Japan Chic Collection
Tokyo, the city that never sleeps, set the incredible scene for our latest photographic shoot.  In collaboration with the Japanese hair and make-up company Ash, the THF team and photographer Marcin Gorgolewski utilized the vibrant street setting of Tokyo for the shoot location. Well-renowned model Shinyong Lee with her exotic features and Slavik beauty Jaśmina Bielewicz of Tomasz Styczeń complimented one another perfectly with their contrasting beauty.  In addition to the photo shoot the duet took part in the United Danks Cut Contest winning two silver awards.

By featuring and styling two very different models, each in a unique way, Japan Chic collection highlights the endless possibilities fashion can bring.  The streets of Tokyo, with such an abundance of trends to observe, greatly inspired our team of stylists.  From the conservative, timeless Bob, to a sharp, unconventional cut and color, we reveal our latest collection.  

Art direction: Anna Kulec-Karampotis
photographer: Marcin Gorgolewski
hairstyle: Trendy Hair Fashion & Ash Hair Make
make up: Sayaka Enomoto
stylist: Robe. A. La. Francaise 
models: Shinyong Lee & Jaśmina Bielewicz
Location: Tokyo

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