2015 Summer Hair trends forecast!


Straggly, limp locks are a thing of the past at the festivals, style-savvy revellers are planning for action by packing their tents, preparing their outfits and ensuring their hair looks festival fabulous this year. 

Here Tatiana Karelina, founder of Tatiana Hair Extensions, tells us how to prep and style your hair for the perfect festival hair wardrobe.

Rock n' Roll Waves
Hairstylists took inspiration from nineties grunge backstage, giving hair a tousled effect that suggested the hair wasn't really "done" at all, but left loose and flowing with a natural bend. In reality, creating the look does require some effort. The great thing about long hair in general is its versatility. You can be really creative  when you have enough hair to work with. From hair down to casual up-dos, the possibilities are endless. Those with short hair, don't despair! It is very safe and easy to change your look with micro ring Hair Extensions (go for Russian Virgin Hair for the best results from £350)

If you are tired of the usual boring ponytail take the inspiration from celebrities this summer and try a Bubble Ponytail. Wrap a few hair bands down the length of the ponytail and  lightly pull the hair in the midsections out to get the fun, poofy effect. 

Neon is the new Pastel
2015 is the year to sparkle and glow. With so many awesome colours in 2014, what will 2015 have to offer? This year is about light hence the 2015 summer hair trends will glow, reflect, illuminate, shine, light up, sparkle, and shimmer.
Pastel has been popular for a long time now, and I’m not saying it’s over. I believe it will here for a long time to come. For those who are trying those funky hair colours for the first time pastels are a gentle way to test the water. Try it with pastel coloured Clip In Hair Extensions (best are made from Russian Virgin Hair from £350) . For those who have done every pastel shade and eager to sample something new this summer, neons is the answer! Where pastel is all about being subtle, soft, mature, Neon is all about being loud, young and vibrant. One of the coolest things about neon hair is that these colours will glow under fluorescent UV/Black light. Not only would you have amazingly fluorescent hair by day, but at night (under UV light) your hair will literally light up. Great for festivals and summer parties!

Braid Parade
Whether you prefer them fishtail style or of the French variety, braids are an all-access and Red Carpet-worthy way to transform tresses. Use them this summer for any occasion to shake up a basic ponytail, trim a topknot or frame your face. The beauty of a braid is the options are nearly endless and they can be a real lifesaver when you don’t have access to a shower and you’re relying on dry shampoo to keep you looking fresh. 

It keeps the hair off the face, is totally texture friendly, so dancing and swinging this hair-do everywhere is highly encouraged and braids will stay put all weekend too! Short hair? Try a Clip in Braid for an easy and quick transformation (from £150 made from real human hair) 

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