When a Hairstyle inspires Fractal Art!


A few weeks after we posted that gorgeous hairstyle, Fruity Pebbles from Alix Maya Clymer, we were amazed to see its impact on almost everyone who saw it in our post!

Raduy Fedorenko, a great digital artist from Mexico got inspired and created some amazing works of fractal art that you can see below!


We asked Raduy to tell us a few things about herself, her art and her inspiration:

"Let me first tell you about my work. Long time ago I came across an incredible concept called fractals, which basically are repeating patterns found essentially everywhere. Mathematically are a wild ride, but philosophically they are life´s reminder for us to take account of the overwhelming ways of creation. I have been observing this patterns since then, (you would be amazed on a micro an macro level how everything is so interlaced), and creating my own fractals out of many things, a road, a group of people, an eye, a flower, a tree, a beautiful sunrise, a smile... Each creation that comes out of an origin tells the story of change, of evolution, of transformation, which I believe is a gift given to us as humans to make things better.

As I wrote to Alix: 
"I believe that art is that sutile expression of the soul on our path of spiritual growth, which expands further when similar minds interact. So when I come across beautiful creations like yours, I spend time giving continuity to that creation process. The results of each piece is totally unique. I truly love the poetic ways of this because it is how we humans relate. We co-exist and co-create as an endless repeating pattern of evolution."

I go around life with my eye always ready to catch that moment, trying to recognise the beauty behind it. I found Alix´s image in your fb page and immediately saw that wonderful coloured creation was made because a beautiful heart was behind it. I have not met Alix yet, but I am sure she is one fine heart. That feeling inspired me to continue her creation process, and she has received it with kindness; so I am grateful for that. 

Me, as many other human beings on the process of growth, I stumble on life´s tests, some I pass gracefully, some I don´t; so my work is also a reminder that there is always a second chance to get thing right. I try to apply it to everyday´s moments.

You see, I love the complexity of this world, many things I don´t understand; perhaps some day answers will be given, but in the mean time I share this insight through my work with great pleasure.

The video below is the first fractal compilation I did, the music was done also specially for them. This is the first of many to come; the main thought here is that curiosity moves humanity, it moves you, it moves me. In that way we find, we create...and it closes with "SUMMUS IN TE" which means "Divinity is within". This idea has given me the opportunity to see beyond the human faults and see the wonderful piece of art each one of us is."

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