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When hairdressers throughout the world look for inspiration when dressing long hair they look to one man for creativity, inspiration and motivation – Patrick Cameron.

PINK 2015 – The Easy Collection
“The question I am asked all the time, says Patrick, is “can you show me an easy up-do that will excite my client?”. So, in answer to this, I have designed a collection for the type of hairdresser that struggles with long hair but is passionate about the technique.

The Pink collection, which I am using to raise awareness for breast cancer, has been devised to showcase 10 step-by-step looks and demonstrates just how easy long hair is to do and how these styles can be extremely profitable in the salon. Everything I’m going to show you this year is designed to make your life easier. My presentations will be fun, educational and beneficial to a wide audience of hairdressers and especially those hairdressers conquering their personal fears of dressing long hair. Alongside the show I have produced a new educational DVD – PINK - The Easy Collection which complements the work. I look forward to seeing you at one of my events”.

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