Medulla – Innovative hair show with humanitarian twist


On a Sunday afternoon a large crowd of hairstyling enthusiast gather to see some of the greatest Slovene hairstylist open the show Medulla that celebrated not just the trade but the art form of hair styling. People were stroke with visually very stimulating show that brought a lot of fresh ideas and inspiration. Another reason to celebrate was a milestone of the leading Slovene hairstyling magazine Frizer reaching 10 years of publishing. 

Magazine Frizer was also an organizer of the event and has raised more than 1700 Euro by giving up all of the profits made from  the ticket sales to charity that helps to support young people in the trade that are financially struggling.
Show was generously supported by a vast majority of big names in the hairstyling industry present on Slovene market such as Ilirija, Pronega in Hair Beauty, Klevi, Novellus, Studio MA, Keune Adria, Nobelcos and Imex Trade.

Initiator of the whole idea behind the show was Tomaž Turk who explained: Medulla is a show that brings together hair stylists that want to share the ideas amongst themselves and others. The creativity of leading Slovene hair stylists is usually seen abroad on shows and competitions, but rarely has the opportunity to shine among such broad Slovene audience and this is where Medulla paves the way and offers individuals to really express themselves and be seen.

Special thanks to featured stylists who have also gave up complete earnings from the show to help raise money for the charity; Metod Tasič, Petra Blatnik Maček, Matjaž Šiška, Sanja Karasman in Tomaž Turk.

A couple of words from the performing artists on their inspiration for the show:

Sanja: I was taking an inspiration from seapunk- new and very fresh subculture with very distinct sense of music, design and fashion, which has its roots in the 90s. My guideline was nostalgia for that era combined with rave culture and water themed cartoons like The little mermaid.

Matjaž: My inspiration was a quick transformation on the stage. The effect of texture and motion that comes from hair extensions carefully placed and connectivity of hairstyle and clothing.

Metod: My inspiration comes from the 80s, the era of fetish and leather and all its influences. Through the hair I tried to convey the dynamics of being different. The accent was on harmony of the hair, styling and strong choreography

Tomaž: Snow white as inspiration and complete and utter esthetics of hair and lack of it. Contrast of colors black and white, yin and yang. Knowledge... Film... Fashion... For a long time I have been fascinated with boldness as an unexplored but captivated mystery. I wanted half of my models head to be bald and for that we had to look for help to the world of films and special effects, on that base we put natural hair that was then cut.

Petra: My starting point was collection noURBAN, that I wanted to reinvent make new and different... New approach to handling and designing hair came with the desire to show something that has never been seen before. I held on to volume, slick lines and stressed the avant-garde aspect trough size and new form.

Foto: Klemen Razinger

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