Interview with Milica Shishalica!


Milica Maksimovic-Shishalica is a hairdresser and stylist from Belgrade, Serbia. She attained her knowledge by working in famous Belgrade hair salons. She views her profession as a form of artistic expression and not some collection of already seen stereotypes of outdated creations. 

She always tries to be unique in her creations but at the same time follows the leading world trends and the work of world renowned hairdressers. We were more than happy to interview her!

What it takes to be a unique and successful hairstylist?
Talent, determination, creativity and love for the profession are most important qualities for excellent hairstylist.

What is your motto and what it means?
"Cutting hair is your risk, hairstyle is my profession", basically, this means that I`m good in what I do ;)
Explanation: Many women that come to me for my services are afraid because of previous bad experiences with other hairdressers. I always encourage them to try something new, but I don`t use mirrors in my working space so they are forced to face and overcome their fears. This results in unique experience and 99 % of my clients are delighted with their hair :)

When did you understand that hairstyling will be your profession?
My mother and I were playng a lot with our hair when I was little, so I developed love for hair very early. I later enrolled in school and started working when I was 15 in parallel with the school . It all came naturaly for me and I had a lot of support from my family.

Do you hairstyle to live, or live to hairstyle?
I definitely live to hairstyle, in fact I feel very nervous when I`m not working ;)

You are so young and successful! Do you think that hairdressing is something that you are born with, or you become?
A little bit of both. Talent is very important, however, persistence and hard work are the key to success.

What are your future plans?
I am currently very happy how things are going in my life. I enjoy my work and live for the moment. I have met many interesting people that are doing great things when it comes to photography, fashion design and makeup in the future I`ll work on some projects involving those people.

What is your best talent? Haircut, Color, Styling, Everything?
Each of these talents is equally important and I try not to neglect any of these talents.

Is professional hairdressing promoted properly in your country?
I`ve been fortunate to cooperate with people from "Hairstyles" magazine and they supported me when nobody knew nothing about me. I guess I was lucky. As for the other magazines in Serbia, they lack the professionalism and expertise.

Are there any major problems in your profession in your country?
Yes there are many problems, but instead of focusing my energy on problems I try to do better. I also try to look at things fom a different perspective so instead of wasting my time on a magazines and people that are lacking professionalism in Serbia, I colaborate with magazines worldwide - problem solved. :)
The most important thing is that you belive in yourself and your work, that is the magical formula for success ;)

What inspires you the most when you hairstyle? Art, a person, your model, anything else?
Once again, each of these elements is equally important.
Art is important when I`m doing a photoshoot . Usually I try to do something different, basically, it depends of the theme I`m doing and it also includes a lot of experimenting.
Each individual is different phisicaly and mentaly so I try to make a haircut in regards to what makes a specific person feel beautiful and good inside.

Do you admire any other fellow hairstylists (from your country and/or internationally)?
Of course I do. I have been influenced by many hairstylists from around the world (Vidal Sassoon, Luis Llongueras,Toni & Guy...etc). They are characterized by a unique style, good business approach and great creativity.

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