Great hair creations by Catina Nadine Boyle, Pennsylvania, USA!


Introducing Catina Nadine Boyle from Pennsylvania, USA!  She has been in the hairdressing industry for 18 years and is the proud owner of  the Award Winning Pure Lavi Salon (355 Market St, Kingston, PA 18704, +1 570-288-6563), est. in 2008!

Catina, always excited about hair since she was a little girl, is in love with her profession! Her first "client" was of course her Barbie! 
Then friends and family next! 

She is proud of her work and how far she has come with it! She sees life full of color: reds, blues, purples and pinks are everywhere! 

Pure Lavi Salon only uses Aquage styling products and the PAUL Mitchell & Joico Color line.  


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