Farrux Shamuratov, Russia's great hairstylist!


He is one of the best hairstylists in the world. He comes from Russia and although he is very young, his hairstyles are emblematic. Let's get to know Mr. Shamuratov, with his own words:

"My name is Farrux Shamuratov. It is hard to believe; however, at the age of 12 I was already involved in this wonderful job, at early stages I learned from my mother and cousins…thus, inevitably, I began practicing in this filed.

Obviously due to lack of experience and practice nothing worked for me, later on when I started working independently I realized that my job is not only “combing and cutting hair”. It is a difficult job where you have to find out one’s suitable image, identity, and yet it is essential to understand the subculture that client belongs to, what type of person one is and what shape of the face owes. There is lot of nitty-gritty you have to take into consideration while serving the customer. I am grateful for my fate that I’ve had very diverse and experienced teachers.

I realized that we always need to learn something new in our profession only by the time I won the championship a couple of times. Everyone has his/her own concept, and that’s good, but I want to show that there are no boundaries of creativity (much more things can be done with hair and images of clients). I have my own technique and a philosophy of “creating a complete image”. That is how I feel! There are certain rules while creating the image of a person, dress, face shape and type.

Last but least, it is very important to work quick and neat, so that is why I pointed out the main techniques from the different contests I took part in and implemented them at my work.

Most hairdressers are not sure about whether they do hairstyles suitable and beautiful or not. Sometimes clients also doubt on this. The task of an artist is to make a correct presentation of his/her notion of image. I often invite different speakers like stylist’s guide, make-up artists, psychologists, in my seminars. These are the experts who will always help to make the right idea about your own work. In my trainings and master-classes, I try to show and prove everyone that we are not artisan, but we are artists!"

Farrux Shamuratov 


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