HUGE Braids special: 20 braid types along with educational videos!


We asked Ms. Irene Foustelli (Hair Majesty Salon, Lesvos, Greece) to help us gather the 20 most known braid types, because we wanted to create this huge special for our readers!

1. Greek braid or fishbone

2. French braid

3. English braid/3 string basic braid

4. Dutch braid

5. Swiss or Milkmaid braid

6. Twist braid

7. Criss - cross braid

8. Crown or carousel braid

9. 4 strand braid

10. 5 strand braid

11. 6 strand braid

12. 7 strand braid

13. Basket braid

14. Fairytale braid

15. Corn-row braid

16. Waterfall braid

17. Mermaid braid

18. Snake braid

19.Knot braid

20. S-braid

Of course there are plenty more braids and creative combinations that you can find by searching the web! If you found one that you think should be in our special, please send us a message!

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