Amazing short hairstyles!


Many people wonder whether a woman with short hair is feminine and sexy...

At we get plenty of messages that start like this: "I really want to try a short haircut but am afraid..."

It is time for the myth "short hair is not sexy for women" to be left behind!The reality is quite different. First of all, hair is not fully responsible for the sexuality of a woman. It adds or removes sexuality, but again, sexuality has plenty of other sources as well, like: the body language, the general style, the aura, the way a woman looks... to mention just a few.

Modern hairdressing offers many options to women who want to try short hair. Soft or strong lines that could add more sexuality that a long, well dressed hairstyle.

Every day we see many women with short hair that are very feminine and are very sexy! The "character" of a nice hairstyle has actually little to do with the length of the hair. It has to do with its lines and how they compliment a face. A good hairstylist always knows how to create a unique hairstyle that highlights the beautiful and sexy characteristics of a woman!

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