Awesome Hair Creations by Stevie Vincent Hair Artistry, Cannington, Australia!

Cuts and colors to love at first sight! True hair artistry by Stevie Vincent! Enjoy the gallery and connect to this fan page for more! ...

When I grow up, I want to be a Barber!

Awesome videos of kids that have an amazing talent in haircutting and hairstyling!

One great formal hairstyle and how to create it!

Pretty lovable hairstyle! See below for directions on how to create it!

Adorable rainbow hairstyles!

What a great way to express your love for a coloful life! Enjoy our gallery!

Trendy Hair Colors for Autumn!

Warm and sweet hair colors for Autumn! Enjoy our gallery!

Gorgeous Hairstyles by Mustafa Avci, NY, USA!

What an inspirational hair artist! His creations are masterpieces! You can find more at his instagram page .

Awesome Hairstyles for Little Girls!

A self-taught mummy of 3 beautiful children creates amazing hairstyles for her daughters! You can find more at her fan page !

Awesome Hair Creations by Boris Obreski, Serbia!

Boris is an amazing hair artist from Europe and international educator for Emmediciotto Italy ! Loved his colors at once! Enjoy his crea...

Astonishing Makeup by Argenis Pinal, CA, USA!

He is an amazing artist! His creations on his own face or his clients' are out of this world! Find more at Argenis Pinal's fan p...

Curly Pinks!!!

What a sweet color! A compliment for your wavy / curly hair! Enjoy our gallery!

Hair Coloring Masterpieces!

Some gorgeous ideas for your hair! Enjoy the gallery!

Sand Art Hairstyles!

Amazing coloring combinations for your hair! Enjoy the gallery!

Awesome Hair Tattoos & Seminars by Nikos Exadaktilos!

Nikos Exadaktilos is a Hair-tattoo & Artistic-haircuts educator since 2004. He offers step by step seminars to  professional hairdr...

Amazing Handmade Hair Accessories made with Natural Hair!

This very inspired idea to create accessories with natural hair was a result of the artist's love for something unique and special, ...

Awesome Long Bob (Lob) Hairstyles!

A lovable hairstyle for all seasons! Enjoy the gallery and the video tutorials at the end!

Stunning Colored Buns!

Braided hairstyles look even greater with color! Enjoy the gallery and the videos at the end!

Astonishing Creations by Melody Sparrow, Nevada, USA!

Melody sets herself apart with her highly advanced skill set, and her ongoing desire to learn new trends by engaging in adaptive hair st...

When two hair artists collaborate..!

Kenra Neons collaboration between two Central Arkansas hairstylists: Pam McGuire of Hair by Pam and Veronica Wirges of V Star Salon.  ...

Bundrop, a new Instagram trend!

Letting your bun drop free is the new trend on the popular social site! We loved this #bundrop trend and thought of uploading our versi...

ROUND Face Shape? You have plenty of choices for your hairstyle!

Round faces have similar width and height and are wider at the middle. The chin is characterized by its roundness too.

Stunning Silver Grey Hair Ideas!

A trendy hair color, with many fans around the world! Enjoy the gallery and also check the 4 video tutorials at the end!

Plume Angel - feather hair extensions by Elf in Bali!

Elf is a talented artist - she creates beautiful feather hair extensions - they are gorgeous, colorful and safe for your hair.  ...

Hairstylist Paints on Salon's Floor with Clipped Hair!

A hairstylist from China does not throw clipped hair to the bin... Instead, Wang Xiaojiu creates astonishing art with it!

Wearing 100 Layers of Hair Extensions!!!

YouTuber Kayley Melissa did it! She wore 100 layers of hair extensions, this must be a world record! Just watch the video below!

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