We changed hair colors to our beloved celebrities for April Fool's Day!!!

Ever seen Brad Pitt with dark hair? Or Taylor Swift with purple? May be Ariana Grande with pink? 

The TOP hairstyles of the month - March 2016!

Based on fans' likes and selected by our creative team at our  facebook page !

Gorgeous Colors by Breezy Bree, LA, USA!

BB is a very creative hairstylist and makeup artist, based in Los Angeles! Enjoy her amazing color creations and visit her Instagram pr...

Pretty Braids by Karen Law!

Karen is a Christian homeschooling mom who enjoys playing with hair! Enjoy her creations and connect to her Instagram account for more!...

Amazing Color Creations by Kirstin Forbes, Alaska, USA!

Kristin is a master stylist and a great colorist from Anchorage, Alaska! Enjoy her gallery and connect to her fan page for more!

Magnificent Braids by Mia & Linda, Norway!

Two braiding sisters from Norway that create amazing hairstyles! Enjoy their gallery and connect to their Instagram profile for more! ...

Trendy Hair Colors 2016!

Enjoy some of the best color ideas for your hair! Gallery

Exceptional Hair Creations by Jessie Doan!

Jessie is a Balayage / Ombre specialist, located in California! Enjoy her creations and visit her Instagram for more!

Glamorous Wedding / Formal Hairstyles!

You will love each one of the several hairstyles in this gallery! Enjoy!

Weekly hair collection: 29 TOP hairstyles that you will love!

See our weekly selected hairstyles as liked by our fans and chosen by our team at  www.fb.com/Haircuts

Beautiful Hair Coloring by Kelsie!

Kelsie is a cosmetologist for Beauty Bar Salon in Hawaii! Enjoy her gallery and visit her Instagram for more!

A newborn baby with gorgeous hair!

Mackenzie Kaplan, shared the following photo on Imgur of her two-week-old cousin, Isabelle and captioned: "My baby cousin has hair...

Rose Does Hair!

Another amazing hair artist, Rose Danilo is located at Sandusky, Ohio, USA! Enjoy her creations and connect here for more!

Cute Girlie Hairstyle Ideas for Easter!

Get inspired by these amazing Easter braids! 

Gorgeous Hairstyles by Amy Salas, Austin, TX, USA!

Amy is a hairstylist at Gloss Hair and Makeup Boutique in Austin, specializing in balayage highlights! Enjoy her gallery and connect to...

Stunning Hair Creations by Parlour E.lev.en, California, USA!

The salon's motto is ''We dont just DO hair, we CREATE hair''! Enjoy the gallery and connect to their Instagram for...

Trendy Hairstyles in Gray/Ashy Shades!

Unique color ideas for your hair! Enjoy this gallery!

Magnificent Formal Hairstyles

A collection of amazing hairstyles, true artistic creations!

Adorable 60's Hairstyles!

Hairstyles inspired by one of the most stylish decades ever! Enjoy!

Ideas for Spring/Easter Hairstyles!

A few beautiful hairstyle suggestions to get you inspired for this Easter!

Artistic Creations by David Robles, Spain!

Meet one creative hair artist from Spain! Enjoy his creations and connect to his Facebook profile for more!

Amazing Color Creations by Neal Malek, Orlando, FL, USA!

Neal is the co-founder of Hairaller Universe  and is a Balayage & Vivids Specialist! Enjoy his wonderful creations in this gallery!...

Latest and Trendy Rainbow Hairstyles!

Spotted a few totally gorgeous and new rainbow hairstyles! Take a look in our gallery!

Gorgeous African Hair Braiding!

Simply amazing! Enjoy this gallery!

Pretty Prom Hairstyle Ideas for Medium Hair!

Most of these hairstyles are pretty simple and easy to create! Enjoy our gallery!

Hilarious Video: Boyfriends Braid Their Girlfriends' Hair!

Will they succeed or are they going to be single after this? Watch the video and find out!

Beautiful Hairstyles by Akil, Holland!

Akil is a creative hairdresser from Holland, Europe! As he states: he likes creating modern, classic, curls and the messy ones!

Awesome Haircuts for Teen Guys!

If you are a young guy you can find your next haircut in this gallery! Enjoy!

Amazing Green Shades for your Hair! Video Tutorial!

Our tutorial today is about apple green by LaRiche Directions. This video shows one of the endless possibilities of semi-permanent hai...

10 WEIRD Hair Hacks that Actually Work!

You have to see this video by Natalies Outlet  filled with weird beauty hacks for hair! Enjoy!

Super Trendy Short Haircuts!

If you are a fan of short hair, you will love this collection! Enjoy!

Crazy Celebrity Hair Colors That Will Blow Your Mind!

A great video by Dirty Laundry with some of the coolest and craziest celebrity hair color trends in Hollywood!

Incredible Hairstyling by Samantha Daly, Florida, USA!

Samantha is an independent stylist and educator at Salon Lofts! Enjoy her gallery and connect to her Instagram for more!

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