A few hair coloring terms to help you communicate with your stylist!


This is a very useful dictionary!

When it comes to hair color, make sure you know what to ask from your hair colorist:

Paper Thin Highlights: The subtlest form of highlights – more of a glisten than a noticeable line.
Gloss: Shiny overlay on the hair. Usually a finishing product for hair color and styling.
Glaze: Semipermanent product used for adding shine and for protecting hair color from fading.
Color Bath: Color applied over lathered up hair to adhear to pourous areas like faded hair, or to blend a highlight.
Fillers: These are used to even out hair color before using a permanent color.
Oxidation: A chemical change in hair color caused by air. This usually results in the the yellowing of bright highlights.
Dimensional Color: Color that brings out the movement of a haircut.
Tipping: A lightening technique done by freehand with color. Usually this technique is reserved for the ends of the hair or tips.

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