Weekly Hairspiration: 25 TOP hairstyles that you will love!

Enjoy our weekly selected hairstyles as liked by our fans and chosen by our team at www.fb.com/Haircuts


Valentina Concas, Italy

Unihair-boutique, Chalkida, Greece

Tina Helensson, Slovakia

Theodora Raptis, Canada

Strefa fryzur, Jasło, Poland

Star Style by Christina Kanelli, Thessaloniki, Greece

Skrekou Hair Colour Expert, Thessaloniki, Greece 

Salón Hair Factory Estilistas .Bilbao, Spain

Salon Coiffure Velly, Germany

Salon by Rania, Kiato, Greece

Nicole Mentzer, Hawaii, USA

Millie Tumoda, MA, USA

Melody Sparrow , Nevada, USA

Kylie Burke, Little Rebel Collective, Melbourne, Australia 

Kristen Marie, Pennsylvania, USA

Kallisti salon, Lamia, Greece

Guven, Current Salon & Color Bar, VA, USA

Cool Cuts - Styling Lounge, Athens, Greece

Anthi Tatsi, Thessaloniki, Greece

Artist unknown

Artist unknown

Artist unknown

Artist unknown

Artist unknown

Artist unknown

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