Weekly hair collection: 23 TOP hairstyles that you will love!

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Violetta Dömöndi, UK

Sylwia Wąs, Switzerland

Sibel Friseur Kosmetik Mannheim, Germany

Salon Stage, Germany

Salon Schmidt Werk, Germany

Salon Haarkunst Inh. Michelle Metz, Germany

Pinup Jordan's Mermaid Lounge, USA

Parturi-Kampaamo Hius Day, Tuusula, Finland

Panagiotis Keladitis, Athens, Greece

Luxe Hair Lounge, Germany

Kotryna Raklinevičiūtė, Lithuania

Kallisti salon, Lamia, Greece

Kallisti salon, Lamia, Greece

Ivett Kománovics, Henley on Thames, UK

Guy Tang Hair Artist, USA

Beautifly By vassia, Chalkida, Greece

Anny Romero

Anna Kseničová, Slovakia

Alexandra Afouxenidou-Hair Stylist, Greece

Akademia B&K, Poland

Artist unknown

Artists unknown

Artist unknown

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