Weekly hair collection: 22 TOP hairstyles that you will love!

Enjoy our weekly selected hairstyles as liked by our fans and chosen by our team at www.fb.com/Haircuts


王昱傑, Taiwan

Whitney Vidal, FL, USA

Skrekou hair color expert, Thessaloniki, Greece

Ponte Linda, Puerto Rico

Paulina Valerieva Vladimirova, Bulgaria

Parturi-Kampaamo Hius Day, Tuusula, Finland

Orlando Santiago, New Bedford, MΑ, USA

Olga salon, Patra, Greece

Lala's Updos, USA

La Llallera Brigid-Heith, UK 

Je eigen kapper, Meteren, Netherland

Inga Chort, Lithuania

Flo Schwarz, Germany

Dulce Lopes Ramos - Hair Stylistin, Portugal

Darlene Martinez, Colorado, USA

Cool Cuts - Styling Lounge, Athens, Greece

Catina Nadine Boyle, Pure Lavi Salon, Pennsylvania, USA

Artisti Hair, Germany 

Alexandra Afouxenidou-Hair Stylist, Greece

+Confessions of a Hairstylist - @jaywesleyolson

Artist unknown

@hairbyliinu, Finland

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