Top Greek Hair Artists of 2015!!!

Enjoy some of the most liked Greek hairstyles of 2015!

Most liked hair colors!

Enjoy some of this year's best suggestions for colored hair!

Top Suggestions for Wedding Hair!

Hair artists from all over the world create amazingly beautiful bridal hairstyles!

Weekly hair collection: 25 TOP hairstyles of the week!

See our weekly selected hairstyles as liked by our fans and chosen by our team at

Some of the best Colored Braids of all time!

Enjoy this gallery with totally stunning colored braids!

This year's TOP Mermaid Hairstyles!!!

Enjoy some of the most liked hairstyles with mermaid colors and shapes!

Star Wars inspired Hairstyles!!!

Even if you are not a Star Wars fan, you can't ignore those impressive hairstyles that were inspired by the popular movie! Enjoy the...

Weekly hair collection: 23 TOP hairstyles of the week!

See our weekly selected hairstyles as liked by our fans and chosen by our team at

7 Great Hair Tips For 2016 That Will Have You Looking Fabulous!

It’s the final countdown to 2016!  Can you believe 2015 is almost over? Well, it is time to march forward and we have you covered on s...

Fabulous Braids by Carla Massari, Mantena, Brazil!

A very special hair artist from Brazil, mother of two! Enjoy her gallery and connect to her Instagram account for more!

Hairstyles Inspired by Khaleesi!

Magnificent and unique hairstyles inspired by the Games of Thrones character! Enjoy our gallery!

Braids in Silver Shades!!!

Braiding into one of the most trendy hair colors! Enjoy the gallery!

HOT hair trend: Macaron hairstyles!

Hair coloring is endless! This is another beautiful trend, loved by more girls every day! Enjoy the  gallery!

VIDEO: how to strengthen your hair roots!

Watch the following video to learn about some useful advices for your hair!

Weekly hair collection: 21 TOP hairstyles of the week!

See our weekly selected hairstyles as liked by our fans and chosen by our team at

VIDEO tutorial: how to repair damaged hair at home!

Watch the following very useful video for some tips and tricks about having healthy hair!

Gorgeous Fluid Hair Painting Hairstyles by Cheeky Strut! Watch the videos!

Cheeky Strut (Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA) is using the Fluid Hair Painting technique by KL Christoffersen and produces amazing resu...

Sweet hairstyling by Marbella Palacios, Panama!

Another hair artist of the world: Marbella Palacios from Panama! Enjoy her gallery!

Impressive hair creations by Kristine KL, Tartu, Estonia!

Kristine 's salon is at Estonia, Europe! She has nice and unique ideas about hairstyling like the pink rose braid that we loved! ...

Stunning creations by Dominique Limone, Tampa, Florida, USA!

Dominique Limone from Platinum Salon is also a National Educator at Paul Mitchell Systems! Her hairstyles and colors are out of this...

Gorgeous hairstyles and colors by Vivid. Artistic Hair Design, Pensacola, Florida, USA!

Vivid is a very creative salon from Florida! We were amazed to see their color creations! Enjoy the gallery!

Amazing handmade pendants for hairstylists and hair lovers!!!

Check those beautiful handmade pendants especially designed for hairdressers and fans of hair!

Beautiful hair color suggestions for 2016!!!

A nice gallery with color ideas for the new year! Enjoy your hair!

Weekly hair collection: 34 TOP hairstyles of the week!

See our weekly selected hairstyles as liked by our fans and chosen by our team at

Stunning rainbow hairstyles by Ursula Goff, Wellington, KS, United States!

Ursula usually uses Joico, Pravana and Manic Panic hair dyes and creates amazing rainbows, galaxies, fire hair and so much more! Enjoy...

Beautiful hairstyles and colors by Ken Wong, Perth, Australia!

A fine artist from Australia! Ken offers salon services by appointment in Perth! Enjoy his gallery!

Timeless hairstyles..!

Some hairstyles are always in fashion... Classic and trendy forever! Enjoy this gallery!

Gorgeous hairstyles and colors by Hairess Nikki Mears, Guam, USA!

Nikki works as an independent hair artist on Guam in an small military community. Most of her clients are military spouses, enliste...

Beautiful Sunset hairstyles!

Hairstyles with colors that resemble the sunset! Romantic and impressive at the same time! Enjoy our gallery and the video tutorials a...

Step by step and video tutorial for this impressive flower braid!

This hairstyle is a classic! See below to learn how to make it!

Amazing Cuts and Colors by Presley Poe, Portland, Oregon, USA!

Presley works at The Parlour in St. John's,  a Vegan and cruelty free salon located in North Portland ( 7327 n Charleston ave,  Por...

Top Greek hairstyles of the month - November 2015!

The most liked hairstyles by Greek artists, based on fans' likes at our  facebook page !

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