Astonishing Galaxy Hairstyles!

Amazing hair artists that can create a whole galaxy on your hair ! Enjoy the gallery!


Yvette Rivas Racster, Montage Salon, Lancaster California USA

Noor Dababneh, Chicago, USA

Marie Negron, Cleveland, Oh. USA

Kristina Arias, California, USA

Kelsey Allen

Kate Macfarlane, Queensland, Australia

Jessica Salmi, Finland

Haley Clontz @ A Shining Star Salon & Spa

Hairess Nikki Mears, Guam, USA

Giuseppe Scognamiglio, Italy

Exquisite Salon, Penal Debe, Trinidad and Tobago

Bel Salone from Dallas, Oregon, USA

Autumn AudTheBarber, Baltimore Maryland, USA

Angela Bozman, Salisbury, Maryland USA

Andressa Carvalho, Brazil

Alix Maya Clymer, Virginia, USA

Alix Maya Clymer, Virginia, USA

Alejandra Navarrete Camacho, Mexico

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