Weekly hair collection: 25 TOP hairstyles of the week!

See our weekly selected hairstyles as liked by our fans and chosen by our team at www.fb.com/Haircuts


 Alikh Giagkou, Konstantinos kontizas Salamina Salons, Salamina & Thessaloniki, Greece

 Alix Maya Clymer, Virginia, USA

Divine Art Hair Salon, Nicosia, Cyprus

 Jessica Salmi, Finland

 Olga Salon, Patra, Greece

 Olga Salon, Patra, Greece

Pierre Carillo, France


 Thiago Hairstylist, England, Hampshire

 Thiago Hairstylist, England, Hampshire

 Ursula Goff, Wellington, KS, United States

Vega baja Puerto Rico

Yumi, São Paulo Brazil 

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