Our brand new advertising offer for August 2015!!!

Advertising your creations on the World Wide Web was never this easy, effective and efficient!

Get your own photo gallery in our site and get featured in one of the largest hair-related pages in Facebook and also in our site!

Just send us your info (a brief bio, contacting info and your links) and up to 50 photos of your beautiful creations! You may also include: your videos from YouTube or Vimeo and your articles about hair / hairdressing!

Using your material, we will create a full post for you and promote it in our Facebook page for everyone to see! The cost for this service is $39, one-time fee (offer is valid until 31st of August 2015!). The amount is payable with PayPal at fb@haircut.gr.  

This is a special price for all of you professional hairstylists from all over the world that understand the power of the Internet and want to use it for your benefit.

See some examples on how your presentantion may look like:

Another option is our annual plan, at 119$ (offer valid until 31st of August 2015), in which we update your gallery regurarly, i.e. adding new photos, deleting old ones, changing texts and links etc., up to twice per month, for a whole year!

Get your creations promoted by sending your material to contact@haircut.gr or by messaging our Facebook page

If you want to use our media to promote your products/services, please contact us at the above info.

Enjoy Hair - Enjoy Hairdressing!

Love to hear what you think!

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