AMAZING makeovers by Kalliope Veniou!


Kalliope Veniou: the hair and make-up artist from Greece that amazes us with her transformations!

With lots of love, responsibility and plenty of experience, Kalliope has managed to excel in the professional hairstyling and make-up and create amazing changes in her clients' looks!

Using only fine and cutting - edge products combined with the talent and her imagination, she always achieves amazing results! Coming from an artistic family, she discovered her own artistic side from an early age.

In her modern beauty salon, located at Piraeus, she welcomes clients from all over the country (from abroad as well!) and creates small pieces of art on women's faces everyday, driven by her love for beauty and her work!

You can contact Kalliope Veniou at the following info:
Address: Agios Eleftherios 73, Kaminia-Piraeus, Greece
Tel. +30 210 4818385


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