Everything you need for a Cool Rainbow Ombre!


Been looking for a unique new hair color? Why settle with just one when you can have a cool rainbow/ombre to show off your style! Manic Panic are here to jazz up your look with a few simple steps.

The colors:
Atomic Turquoise
Shocking Blue
Ultra Violet
Purple Haze
Hot Hot pink

How to:
This particular style works best on hair cut in layers. Start off on top with turquoise on the short layers of the crown. Cover the dyed parts with aluminum foil to prevent the other colors from mixing with it. Now pick the middle length layers and apply the shocking blue. Cover them in foil as well.

Then work your way down to the main part of your hair with the last 3 colors. Divide the length in 3 parts. Ultra Violet form roots to the middle, Purple Haze form the middle down and Hot Hot Pink at the ends.

Make sure you change gloves between colors to prevent them from mixing up while you dye your hair. Especially for Hot Hot Pink work from the ends up and once you meet up with Purple Haze rub the two together to make an even transition from purple to pink.

You can also check the following video for details on how to do it at home:

You can get this beautiful combination of colors with 70€ plus shipping (14€ for EU countries and 17,80€ for the rest of the world)

For orders please send an email at:


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