The Renaissance of Hair Colour - interview with Alix Maya Clymer!


Painting her way into the hearts of many, Artist Alix Maya Clymer is blazing the trail for other likeminded creative souls to embrace "Fashion" Colour as a readily used medium in their everyday work. 

"If you're lucking enough in your lifetime you'll experience being whole as an artist early in life so you can create for many years until the day you leave this world passport in hand ready for your next adventure. I've been accused many times of reading the last page of the book first, that way I know if I want to spend my time reading the story that hides within the mutated trees. For me, my creative worlds collided with each other during the later part of last year. A lover of Science, Math, Art and Humanities I set out on a journey through the living essence of colour curious to connect the dots and unleash a rebirth of untamed organic creativity, The Age of the Artist was born

This piece was not planned it was not sculpted it was born out of freedom, a freedom that is born with the revival of a communicative approach when a stranger sits in your chair and says those three words that every hairstylists LOVE HATES to hear, I Trust YOU. How, why is that even on the table yet? That's kind of absolutely NUTS, like handing over your brand new 2016 Audi R8 {want that} keys over to the lady in the crazy yellow feathered fascinator that's been drinking Mimosas all afternoon with the book club she actually can't stand to be in,  giving her 5,000 dollars and bidding her au revoir handing her a map of old video stores to peruse in hopes of suddenly becoming a hipster. Basically you'll never see your car again because she gave it to a ukulele player she met during her tour of the video stores you sent her on. 

Sitting down and telling a stranger, I trust you is a bit batty.... or is it?! No!!!! It totally isn't if the Artist gets to really know their guest happily sitting there waiting for you to create MAGIC upon their mane! This Look was created with an understanding of my guests' inner workings. I knew it had to have punch, move and render people fascinated. So I created a "breathing painting". As a child I examined paintings from the corners looking across and underneath, always intrigued how light placement changed the colour on a flat surface. Now as an adult I still stare at not only paintings but life from a different angle, and have the privilege of having found an occupation I thrive in as an Artist because of my awkward stare."

Alix is being hailed as the leader of the Renaissance of Hair Colour, founder of THE UNICORN TRIBE a collective of like minded artists, her recent post got over 100,000 likes 20,000 comments 295,000 shares and has a reach of over 30,000,000 people and counting. Art Gallery's have congratulated her on her ARTWORK spreading all over the world, potential clients are calling Shear Image Salon in Woodbridge, VA, stating that they are flying in for a session with her. She is literally painting her way not to the top but to a completely new level in the Beauty Industry. She is the revival of Science, Math and Art freely playing in the day light and again celebrated! 

Alix explains how she did it!

Here she gives us the much sought after walk through in creating the foundation to the final look in pictures. 

I shaped her hair first because I like to paint sculptures it helps me place the colours where I can visibly see how they will work together cohesively and fluidly. I created a Pewter Base with J Beverly hills colour by mixing 3/4 6.22 + 1/4 12.222 and a pinch of 1.2 with 2T straight depositing blue based quadruple dye loads to create a stretched root of DARK PEWTER awesomeness . I used my coveted sectioning technique and lightened her ends with Soft Lightener and Super Boost with 20vl. After creating her foundation piece rinsed and dried her hair and started in on painting her hair with the fashion colours. I used Rusk Teal, Pravana Neon Blue, Yellow & Green, Joico Orchid, and created my own Coral by using J Beverly Hills Pink with Yellow and Clear by Joico. As you can see in the pictures her fashion colour was laid out between papers and set for about an hour and a half before rinsing with cool water Jellua Conditioning Treatment, dry and style!

Alix's image was recently selected as an entry in @behindthechair_com #ONESHOT Contest Please follow the link and like her entry for a chance to win in the Rainbow category! 

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