György Kot, a hairstyling master from Russia!


György Kot is one great artist from Russia. He was born in 1984 and started his hairdressing career at the age of 14! He is the creator of many emblematic hairstyles that you see on the Internet. Some of his achievements are:

President of the International Academy of Beauty "György Kot".

Master of international class.

Member of the World Organization of Hairdressers (OMC).

Judge of the international class in hairdressing.

Honored Master of Krasnodar region.

The creator of "The First World show on hairdresser's art."

Repeated champion of urban, regional, provincial competitions.

Grand Prix winner of the first Olympic Games in hairdressing.

Absolute champion of Russia and the Baltic countries.

Top stylist Dutch company KEUNE (Russia).

The representative of the Russian School of Hairdressing in countries: Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Holland, Australia.

Two-time world champion in hairdressing.

Some of his creations:


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