Stunning Short Haircuts!!!

A super collection with ideas for short hair! Enjoy the gallery!

Impressive Basket Weave Braids!!!

A controversial braid! It seems that a lot of people love it and others hate it! What about you?...

Living in color!!!

Some very beautiful combinations of hair colors! Enjoy our gallery!

Cutting Hair with.. Fire?

There are still a few brave barbers that use fire to cut hair... And a few ...braver clients tha...

Stunning Natural Hair Shades!

Check out a few gorgeous suggestions for your hair, in natural colors!

Gorgeous Stenciled Hair Art by Janine Ker, California, USA!

Creating great designs on hair using stencils! You can find more info on the artist's fan pa...

The Amazing Last Supper Hair Tattoo!

Rob the Original did it again! He is an exceptional hair tattoo artist!

Blonde - platinum hairstyles! Learn how you can get the style!

You know that this is one of our favorite hair shades! Enjoy our gallery and the video tutori...

Bob Haircuts with Highlights! Images and Video Tutorial!

If you are searching for highlights suggestions for your bob haircut, this collection is just...

Excellent Hair Creations by Cuozzo Studio for Hair, USA!

Hair creations to love at first sight! Two Cuozzo Studios: one in Arube and one at 79 Main Stree...

HOT & TRENDY: Braids for Short Hair!

Not too common but still, it is an adorable hairstyle for short hair! Enjoy our gallery!

Stunning Ombre Hairstyles!!!

Ombre hair is still one of the most massive trends in hair industry! Enjoy our gallery with cr...

Top Ηair Αrtists (USA)!

Check the gallery below to see creations from some of the best hairstylists of the USA!

Beautiful Center Part Hairstyles!!!

Chic and beautiful option for gorgeous looks! Enjoy our gallery!

Wonderful Highlights for Dark Hair!

Looking for highlights ideas? Have black/dark hair? Check this out!

Flawless Hairstyles!

Totally awesome hair creations for your inspiration! Enjoy!

Beautiful Hairstyles by KLIPP Salon, Austria!

Sweet ideas for your hair by this creative salon from Austria! You can find more at their fan pa...

HOT NEW Hair Coloring Technique: Pinwheel Color!

Hairdressing is full of surprises, especially in hair coloring! Enjoy some samples of this hot n...

Light Ash-Blonde Ideas for your Hair!

Another hair shade that is trendy and popular! Enjoy our gallery!

Gorgeous Graduated Bob Haircuts!

A great choice for your hair! Impressive and trendy! Enjoy this gallery!

Sweet Hair Colors!

Trendy color ideas for your hair! Enjoy!

How to: Silver & Black Roots for Men & Women!

Two amazing video tutorial that will help you create this impressive hairstyle! 

Gorgeous Hairstyles by Dajana K, Virginia USA!

Dajana is a creative artist from Prim Hair Salon ! Enjoy her gallery and connect to her Instagra...

Silver Shades for Short Haircuts!!!

Cuts and colors that will make you go WOW!!! Enjoy the gallery!

Hair artists from all over the world create wonderful braids!!!

Some of the most popular braids created by exciting hair artists of the world!

Beautiful ideas for short and mid-lengthed hair!

Some of the most liked hairstyles for girls that have short or medium hair! Enjoy the gallery!...

Colored Beards!

How about boys with colored beards? Check out this gallery and don't miss the 5 videos at ...

Encyclopedia of Hair - A Cultural History!

This is a great and free publication about hair, offered by Google Books!

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